The Original T.V. Smokie

R&K's Original T.V. Smokie is what we are known for! 
Since 1917, Joseph Radecki's recipe for our Smokie has transformed from the original Mild to 6 different flavors to satisfy all tastes! We have kept the foundation of our product and are continuously trying to expand our flavor line in order to keep the Smokie tradition alive.

Wholesale pricing  is available for those who can provide a valid vendor's license.
Call for information. 


MILD                                                             $6.25/LB.
SPICY                                                           $6.50/LB.
BBQ $7.00/LB.
ALL BEEF $7.75/LB.

Our Mild Smokie is our most popular, it was the first in the Smokie product line dating back to the opening of this company in 1917. With a little zest but not over powering in spice, the Mild is our crowd favorite.

The Spicy Smokie which was added during the 1980's, is sure to light you up with our hot cayenne pepper flavoring. If you like heat, this Smokie will most certainly satisfy your hot craving!

Looking for some spice but not overbearing heat? Our Jalapeno Smokie may be your best option. With a medium amount of heat and a burst of jalapeno flavor this Smokie is great for those who like the hot but not the burn!  

Recently added to our product line is our Maple Brown Sugar Smokie. With the perfect balance between salty and sweet, this Smokie has quickly turned into another crowd favorite.

It's finally here Garlic fans! Our new Sweet Garlic & Onion Smokie is bound to quench that garlic craving with a great balance of onion mixed into the recipe, this smokie is every Polish person's dream!  

Who said only chicken, ribs, and pork can be barbecued?! Also, brand new to our smokie line is the highly anticipated BBQ Smokie, it's blended sweet and mesquite flavor is perfect for those who can't get enough of that smoky, tangy, but yet sweet taste! 

Looking for an ALL BEEF smokie? R&K's All Beef Smokie takes the classic Smokie recipe and turns it into a kosher friendly option. This Smokie is very mild in taste but a hearty source of protein. It is also, GLUTEN FREE! 

Lastly, R&K offers our Beef and Cheddar Smokie. Using our All Beef Smokie recipe, we added cheddar to the mix to create a great option for our customers who are cheese lovers!

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