Cleveland Polish Sausage, Cleveland Polish Kielbasa, Fresh Polish Kielbasa

Polish Sausage

R&K Sausage may be best known for our Smokies, but our Homemade Kielbasa, Hurka, and Kiszka are also an important part of the long history which the company claims. The recipes for all our sausage products originated with our founder, Joseph Radecki, back in 1917 and has not been altered in the 100+ years of business!      

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Fresh Kielbasa ($4.59/lb.)

Our most popular sausage, the Fresh Kielbasa, is mixed, stuffed, and produced 2 times a week to ensure freshness. A crowd favorite, the recipe is rich with garlic flavor and counter balanced with the perfect blend of other great spices. 

Smoked Kielbasa ($4.89/lb.)

We offer a Smoked Kielbasa which has been completely produced, smoked, and packaged in house. Fully cooked and ready to eat. Made with the perfect blend of garlic and other bold spices, it makes a great option for your favorite Polish Boy or in a mix of sauerkraut! 

Hurka & Kiszka ($4.29/lb.)

Specializing in Old World Ethnic Recipes, R&K also produces Kiszka and Hurka. Both original recipes, they are the classic example of Polish ethnic cuisine. Our Kiszka is made with barley while our Hurka is made with rice. 

Mild Italian Sausage ($4.59/lb.)

Though we pride ourselves in our Polish ethnic sausage, we also produce a Mild Italian Sausage. It is a great addition to your mother's spaghetti sauce recipe and is also a wonderful sausage for hoagie sandwiches with peppers.